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Balkan the Greek Restaurant

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120 Banff Avenue
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Serving modern Greek food in the heart of Banff, The Balkan welcomes guests with its authentic flavours, hospitality and festivity. The menu features classic Greek dishes with a modern twist, prepared with the staple ingredients of a healthy Mediterranean diet.


‘Crumbling’ stone walls in the dining room evoke a sense of ancient Greece, and granite bar tops and rich oak finishes add to the warm, inviting atmosphere.


Tuesday Greek Night, Banff’s only dinner show, features belly dancers, plate smashing and ouzo shooters. The fun starts around 8:30 pm

Menu Samples


  • Fasolada Soup: tomato, white beans, vegetables, greek yogurt
  • Burgers and Sandwiches: Grilled Chicken Sandwich; Greek Burger: lamb and pork burger, cucumber garlic yogurt, feta, roasted peppers, pearl onions
  • Pitas and Wraps: Pitas are baked in house served with lettuce, tomato, tzatziki, choose from Donair: beef and lamb; Kalamari Donair; Pork and Fries Gyro; Souvlaki: chicken, beef, pork or lamb; Pulled lamb; Horiatiki: fresh Greek salad; comes with fries, salad or soup


  • Salads: Horiatiki: tomatoes, onions, cucumber, peppers, olives, sheeps feta, olive oil; Mediterranean: crumbled feta, fried chickpeas, peppers, tomatoes; Warm Haloumi: Cyprus cheese, grilled vegetables, vinegar, basil, mint, extra virgin olive oil
  • Appetizers: Handmade Pita with Dips: hummus, tzatziki spicy feta, roasted eggplant; Fried Feta Balls; Kalamari; Spanakopita, Dolemathes: ground beef, rice and mint rolled in grapevine leaves, yogurt dill sauce
  • Platters for Two or More: Seafood, lemon salmon, kalamari, ouzo cream mussels, scallops, prawns, dips; Ultimate Greek: Start: hummus, spicy feta, dips, horiatiki, Main: lamb chops, beef and pork souvlaki, moussaka, spanakopita, baked feta tomatoes, tzatiki, roast potatoes and rice
  • Linguini Santorini: prawns, scallops, mussels, garlic tomatoes, white wine, basil, feta
  • Moussaka: spiced ground beef, layers of potatoes, eggplant, zucchini, béchamel sauce, includes vegetarian option
  • Bacon Wrapped Bison Medallions: roasted vegetables, kroketta potatoes, peppercorn sauce
  • Athenian Chicken: stuffed with spinach, leeks, herb tomato sauce, feta
  • Gemista: baked peppers stuffed with roasted vegetables, mint, parsley and rice
  • Lemon and Herb Lamb Rack: roasted vegetables, orzo, lemon potatoes, feta dipping sauce
  • Souvlaki: chicken, sirloin, pork or lamb comes with, Greek Salad, lemon potatoes, tzatziki and pita
  • Arni Psito: 12-hour slow-roasted lamb shank, lemon jus, vegetables, rice pilaf, lemon roasted potatoes, house specialty from an old family recipe
  • Fire Starters: Saganaki: kefalograviera cheese, fried with olive, flambéed with brandy; Prawns Ouzaki: garlic marinated prawns, fennel, chilis, feta, flambéed tableside

Monday: Lunch only: Greek Pita Pizza with choice of side for $13. Double Caesar $8.

Tuesday: Lunch only: Steak Pita Wrap with choice of a side for $13. Jugs of Sangria $35.

Wednesday: Lunch only: Greek Donair with choice of side for $12. Mighty Aphrodite Cocktail $8.

Thursday: Lunch only: Pork Gyros with choice of side $12. Jugs of Sangria $35.

Friday: Lunch only: Lamb & Tzatziki Pita with choice of side $12. The Razz Cocktail $8.

Mains$17 to $38; $16 to $37 at lunch

Drinks: Wines $39 to $160, 65 choices; $12 to $20 by the glass, 17 choices; exotic signature cocktails from fresh local ingredients

Lunch 11:30 am to 3:30 pm; dinner 4 to 10 pm
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