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Silver Dragon


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109 Spray Avenue
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Serving authentic Chinese food since 1988. Expert chefs prepare Cantonese and Szechuan dishes. This fully licensed restaurant boasts stunning mountain views and has plenty of on-site parking. All dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients.


Customers appreciate the mountain views from three sides at this restaurant. Cherry blossom art adorns the walls, and intricate red lamp shades and decorations hang from the ceiling. Tables for groups are available, the private room seats 20, and take-out and delivery are offered.

Menu Samples

  • Appetizers: peking duck, veggie spring roll, egg roll, shrimp toast, fritter tiger prawns, dry sparerib, bbq pork, deep-fried chicken wings, salt & pepper tofu, grilled pork & vegetable dumpling
  • Soup: seafood & tofu, won ton, hot & sour, chinese mushroom & chicken with spinach, tomato & vegetable, chicken & cream corn, egg drop, consume, noodle with beef, pork, chicken, vegetable or seafood
  • Rice: fried rice with diced vegetable, chicken, pork, shrimp or egg. Steamed rice available
  • Noodles: signature Silver Dragon special chow mein, Shanghai-style fried thick noodles, Singapore-style rice vermicelli, pan fried noodles with beef
  • Vegetables: stir-fried garden vegetables, egg foo yung, baby bok choy, Chinese broccoli, Szechuan eggplant, mu shu vegetable pancakes
  • Duck: with ginger & spring onions, BBQ duck, peking duck
  • Chicken: pineapple sweet & sour, ginger fried, cashew nut, almond, curry, mu shu
  • Beef: black pepper on hot plate, ginger fried, mongolian, curry hot pot
  • Pork: braised pork with vegetables, mu shu pork with crêpes, peking-style pork loins, honey garlic spareribs, pineapple sweet & sour pork
  • Seafood: fresh lobster, sea bass, sautéed scallops with celery, salt & pepper squid, Szechuan fish or beef in spicy broth, prawns
  • Vegetarian Dishes: many options are available

Menu and prices subject to change.

Mains: $17 – $39

Peking duck: $45/$65

Live lobster at market

Multi-course group dinners for one, two, four, six & 10 people, $26 – $28 per person

Drinks: Wines: $30 – $60 by the bottle / $7.50 – $9 by the glass

Local, Canadian & imported beer

Cocktails, martinis, Chinese liqueurs


Menu & prices subject to change

11:30am - 10pm
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