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Grizzly House

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207 Banff Avenue
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Banff’s legendary Grizzly House restaurant has been creating unique and memorable dining experiences since 1968. The Swiss-Canadian themed menu offers a wide selection of fondues and sizzling hot rocks in traditional and exotic varieties including Alberta beef, buffalo, caribou, elk and seafood. The menu also offers alternative entrées, specialty appetizers and chocolate fondue for dessert. House-made burgers and regionally themed items are available for lunch. The bar offers international and Canadian Wines as well as cocktails.


The Grizzly House offers an exotic and eclectic setting that is an escape from every day life. The rustic decor and wood panelled walls house generations of decoration from the traditional mountain items like a wood-carved bear and bison and elk mounts, to a mannequin riding a motorcycle. Restaurant guests will find working telephones at every table – a legacy from the restaurant’s early days as a disco nightclub. Enjoy views of Banff Avenue and the surrounding mountains from the heated sidewalk patio.

Menu Samples

Fondue & Hot Rocks

  • Signature Four Course Fondue: soup or salad, Neuchâtel (cheese) or Bagna Cauda (vegetable) fondue, main course fondue with choice of beef, exotic game meat and seafood, Toblerone chocolate fondue dessert
  • Fondue Neuchâtel Dinner: blended Swiss emmental & gruyère cheeses, white wine and kirsh, served with French bread and raw vegetables
  • Fondue Bourguignonne: Alberta beef or free-range chicken, signature sauces
  • Hunter Fondue Bourguignonne: buffalo, wild boar and venison
  • Fondue Chinoise: broth fondue with beef and chicken
  • Lobster Hot Rock: Canadian Maritime Lobster, garlic butter
  • Exotic Fondue: includes shark, alligator, rattlesnake, ostrich, frogs legs, buffalo and venison


  • Appetizers: Classic French Onion Soup; Mushroom Fondue, caps with stuffing and butter; Escargots De Bourgogne: wild mushrooms in a Pernod garlic and cream sauce; Steak Tartar; Buffalo Steak Tartar; British Columbia Smoked Trout; Alberta Wild Game Sausage
  • Steaks: 6 or 10 oz Alberta Beef Strip Steak; 18 oz Alberta Beef Ribeye; 7 oz Buffalo Tenderloin; 7 oz Venison
  • Traditional Buffalo Sausage: buffalo meat sausage served with garlic toast
  • Dessert: Toblerone Chocolate Fondue

Fondue: $30 – $80

Mains: $27- $50


11:30 am to Midnight
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